Super Bowl Sunday in the Marina

Final Final

OK, so the name suggests that this should be the last stop. However, being the farthest away from home, we made it our first. I also chose the Final Final because it is one of my favorite sports bars in the San Francisco. It has tons of good quality flat screens, pool tables, some decent bar food and good strong drinks! It is also complete with all of the essential sports bar paraphernalia, including a collection a collection of 1970s NFL helmets ringing the bar.


Our next stop sits right in the heart of the Marina District and is a regular spot for us. This bar used be called Windows, but was revived as Monaghan’s, an Irish bar. It is loaded with drink specials, large TVs and a young, fun crowd. The bar also hosts weekly trivia contests, which is a night I hate to miss. A quick shout out to Rick the Quiz Master.

Monaghan’s is also where we filmed our SoCo Night Institute video with Anna!

Pierce Street Manor

Almost right next door to Monaghan’s is the very different, Pierce Street Manor. This is a drinkers bar, no sorority girls in here. Is is also set up more like a living room, with several large couches and chairs scattered about.

The TVs here may not be as nice as in the other bars we visited, but the homey atmosphere more than makes up for it.

The Horseshoe

Our last stop of the game was the venerable, chestnut street landmark, the Horseshoe, AKA “the non-Marina, Marina Bar”. What does that mean? It means that the Horseshoe is a place where Marina folk go after playing softball and/or don’t feel like getting all gussied up. It is also where a good many of the locals hang-out young and old alike. This place features a long bar, HDTVs and back room with two pool tables. I’ve been coming since the early 1990’s (the last time I lived in the Neighborhood), and frequent it now as it is the closest bar to my apartment. Funny how that works.

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