Sobieski Vodka Review

sobieski vodkaWe recently got our hands on a bottle of Sobieski Vodka, a premium vodka from Poland. Made from Golden Dankowski rye and named after a Polish king, this is real deal. In fact, Sobieski is the best-selling premium vodka in Poland.

And they know their vodka in Poland. It is said to be the birth place of vodka, though, of course, this claim is contested by others.

They also know in Poland that good vodka doesn’t need to cost a small fortune. I am always in favor of that, realizing that most vodkas are basically the same. Purity is what counts. On the nose, this purity is evident. I could smell the vodka without the alcoholicy sting of the not-so-good stuff.

On the tongue, Sobieski is mellow and well, virtually tasteless. Tastes just like a premium vodka should and with very little if any aftertaste.

Sobieski is great for cocktails and sipping and only $11–$15 bucks!

Sobieski Vodka

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