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It’s hard to believe the New Year has started.  All of the fun of November and December have been replaced with the self-loathing and sense of deprivation that January brings.  After over-indulging in the Old Year, you want to start the New Year afresh.  Does this require a cleanse or abstaining from fat, sugar and booze?  Seriously, who wants to give up their booze?  Not me.  But, if you are like most of the girls and some guys that I know, you have to get back on track in January.  You need to pull yourself back from the wild abandon of the start of the New Year.  And, most importantly, you may want to take a few of the unwanted pounds off that crept upon you when your guard was down and trips to the gym non-existent.  This brings up an important question on how to do that?

I will be honest.  Drinking on a diet isn’t easy.  Unfortunately, alcohol can pack a caloric punch.  Drinks loaded up with shots are also loaded up with calories. Add in mixers and you can drink a whole meal of calories in one or two drinks.  Often, that is why I stick to wine.  You get a little more bang for your buck, volume-wise.  Given it’s lower percentage of alcohol, beer, wine and cider don’t pack quite the calorie punch that the hard stuff and cocktails can.  But, I know that sometimes, all you really want is a cocktail.  Luckily, there is a book for you – Skinnytinis – is all about the cocktails at half the calories. 

To halve the calories but pack the punch, Skinnytinis keeps the alcohol but cuts out the calorie rich mixers.  For example, in the Skinny Appletini, you get to keep the vodka (in this case, its apple infused) but the schnapps is removed.  You substitute the sweet mixer with low calorie apple juice.  The result is a drink that is less sweet, has less calories but still delivers 2 ounces of vodka.  In another example, in the Skinny Chocolate Martini, you substitute chocolate liqueur or coffee liqueur and cream for real coffee, 2% milk and hot chocolate mix.

In the New Year, give the Skinnytini a try to give your waist a break!

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