Online Wine Shop Sells Only Half Bottles

wine Opening a bottle of wine is a commitment. A typical bottle of wine equals about five or six glasses (depending on the size of your glass, naturally).

If you’re dining at home alone or with one other person and looking for a little wine to compliment your meal, six glasses may be a bit more than you want. This is when a half bottle, more common in Europe, would do the job.

However, in my experience, half bottles are harder to find, more expensive on a per-ounce basis and often only available in brands or varieties I am not interested in. That’s why I was excited to find Half Wit Wines, a San Francisco-based online wine store that sells half bottles exclusively.

They have a great selection and a wide price range that seems fair considering the full bottle prices (half bottles from under $10 to over $100). Some good picks I saw on there include a Trefethen chardonnay for $13, De Loach cabernet sauvignon for $12 and Chandon brut sparkling wine for $7.

Half Wit Wines

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