New Year’s Cocktails 2010

Well, that’s it: 2009 is almost a wrap, but not before we have a few cocktails first. As always, Drink of the Week has some clever new cocktails for your enjoyment. First, a couple of cocktails for New Year’s Eve. Start with the New Year’s Sparkler and then just around midnight switch to the Midnight Kick for just that. A bit of tequila will keep the night going strong. On New Year’s Day, you can start working on you 2010 resolutions, we have a few cocktail themed solutions. Booze will definitely make them easier to keep.

New Year’s Sparkler

Infuse passion into the New Year with a classic cocktail with SKYY Infusions Passion Fruit, fresh juice and raspberries. The New Year’s Sparkler is an easy way to spice up your champagne flute this New Year’s Eve. Even better? This cocktail is a smart, low-calorie option to help you get started on your New Year’s resolutions.


1 oz SKYY Infusions Passion Fruit
1.5 oz Pomegranate Juice
3.5 oz Champagne
5-6 Raspberries

Combine SKYY Infusions Passion Fruit and pomegranate juice in a chilled champagne flute and top with champagne. Garnish with raspberry tree.*

*Slide 5-6 raspberries onto long skewer and place vertically in champagne glass.


Midnight Kick


2 oz Cabo Añejo Tequila
Orange Slice

Wet the rim of a chilled shot glass with the orange slice. Then rim the shot glass with powdered cinnamon on a plate. Be careful not to turn the glass right side up until it has been rimmed. The orange liquid will drip otherwise. Shake the Cabo Tequila with ice in a shaker and strain into the chilled shot glass. Slam the shot and then bite into the orange slice to finish.


Learn a Foreign Language

Celebrate 2010 with the hottest drink in Scandinavia, which is now available in the U.S., Xanté. This pear-infused Cognac liqueur is a super premium spirit, from Sweden; made of high quality, all-natural ingredients containing no artificial additives. Xanté and is best served neat and as a super premium shot.

We suggest:

The Ritual

A super premium shot cooled over a bed of ice. Simply chill Xanté, pour and consume.


Travel to a New Place

Take your yearly vacation to the next level with an exciting jolt of volcano surfing, beaching, touring the rainforest and sipping world-class rum. The hottest tourist destination right now, heating up Latin America is Nicaragua – and now’s the best time to book a vacation your family won’t soon forget.

We suggest:

The One Good Pinch Punch


1 seedless Watermelon
One good pinch of Cayenne pepper
4 Sugar cubes
1 oz Lime juice
2 oz Flor de Caña year
1 oz Club soda

Method: Dissolve the sugar cubes in 1 oz of club soda. Add and muddle several 1-inch pieces of watermelon. Finally, add the rest of the ingredients one at a time and stir as added. Chill.

Recipe can be multiplied to fill a traditional punch bowl.

Created by Phil Ward of Mayahuel, NYC


Try Something New

Don’t be afraid to stop into that new-fangled cheese shop around the corner, spend an afternoon at the museum, or take a sip of absinthe.
Lucid absinthe is the brand that lifted the absinthe ban in America three years ago and is a robust flavorful spirit, available nationwide for everyone to try.
On 12/31, we suggest: Traditional absinthe louching favored by green fairy enthusiasts Oscar Wilde, Vincent Van Gogh, and Picasso

Pour 2 oz of Lucid in a glass. Top with slotted spoon and sugar cube. Slowly pour water over sugar cube until dissolved. Stir and enjoy.


Do Something Good For Yourself

– Without Hitting the Gym

We are not suggesting that you skip the gym – we are simply leading you towards a “better way to drink” with VeeV, the world’s first acai spirit. VeeV is packed with antioxidants and $1 of every bottle sold goes back to the Brazilian rain forest.

We suggest:

The VeeV Eco-Aid

1 ½ ounces VeeV Açaí Spirit, Lemonade, Splash of Cranberry.
Garnish with the lemon slice.


Entertain Without Breaking Your Wallet

Even though times are tough and every penny counts, you still have to celebrate the New Year, and nothing beats a fantastic sparkling cocktail.

Bombay Sapphire is a great premium gin by value and we absolutely love it with some delicious bubbly. In this case, we’re digging a fabulous Cremant D’ Alsace (super affordable – about $20). More Champagne Picks

We suggest: A classic French 75


¾ oz Bombay Sapphire.
½ oz lemon juice.
½ oz simple syrup.
Top with Cremant D’ Alsace

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