New Rules for College Football Fans to Live By

orange_turf.jpgOK, I know this site is about cocktails, not College Football. However, being a huge fan of both, I felt the need to share this clever list of rules from’s Page 2.

Here’s a sample of some rules that apply to us “of age” fans:

“27. You are allowed to start tailgating six hours before kickoff.
27a. If you want to remember the game, do not drink heavily during those six hours.
27b. Four hours of drinking is more reasonable.

28. Always yield to the rich alumni driving the decked-out Winnebagos.
28a. They mix the best drinks.
28b. And they might be hiring you in six months.

29. If you have a TV at your tailgate, you must expect and allow other fans to congregate around your area and sneak a peek. Share your bounty!

What is also very cool here is that Page 2 ended this list of 100 at 57 and wants all of us to help round it out.

To keep you all from getting thirsty, here’s a great Football Themed Cocktail courtesy of Jose Cuervo.

The Orange Turf (pictured here)

Read the whole list and post your own rules:
ESPN Page 2 – New Rules for College Football Fans to Live By

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