Moulin de Gassac Aniane Rose Guilhem 2010 Pays d’Herault Review – Wine Wednesday

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It’s July with days of unseasonably warm weather in San Francisco (almost shocking really and am convinced it’s to make up for the horrible Spring). In warm weather, my mind wonders to rosé which is perhaps the most understood wine of modern times (thanks to White Zinfandel). Rosés are wonderful wines—an almost perfect blend between white and red—and works perfectly with fish and summer tomatoes.

I went hunting for a rosé to bring you for Wine Wednesday; remember I have to buy it for $10 or under, not an easy task And, rosés need to be served young and fresh like most white wines so a 2010 was in order (or a 2009). I lucked out on the first try. I saw a beautifully-colored rosé at the store. (I generally don’t recommend buying on wine color or label beauty). I turned it over and saw it was imported by Beaune Imports. As I get to know wine more, I realize that I often like wines from certain importers. I particularly have a fondness for Beaune Imports. In my first foray into wine education, I did a certificate program at UCLA and Beaune Imports kindly donated many fine and rare wines from Burgundy and other parts of France. Besides importing some great wines, I owe them an eternal debt of gratitude.

This week’s Wine Wednesday is the Moulin de Gassac Aniane Guilhem rosé 2010 Pays D’Herault ($9.99 at Berkeley Bowl, Berkeley CA) heralding from Languedoc France. As an aside, Languedoc is known for its rosés and many fine, affordable rosés can be found from this region. The wine is a blend of 20% Syrah, 40% Grenache and 40% Carignan, a typical blend of available grapes in the Languedoc region, from older vines of 25 to 50 years in age. The romantic in me can pictures the grapes being grown on the chalky hillside littered with large, round stones called galettes.

The 2010 Moulin de Gassac rosé has a fantastic brightness and color of copper or salmon. It would be fun to serve at a dinner party for the color alone! It also has a zingy, refreshing acidity. On the nose, you get scents of strawberry, actual rose, red licorice and a whiff of white pepper. On the palate, you get strawberry plus hints of rhubarb (reminding me of the strawberry rhubarb pie that was frequently served in my childhood summers), minerality (I can almost taste the big, round stones), rose, red licorice and the faintest hint of white pepper. Medium plus finish.

The 2010 Moulin de Gassac rosé is a fantastic find at $9.99. Break out of your comfort zone and give rosé a try this summer. It might surprise you!

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