Medea Vodka with Programmable LED Labels

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Have something to say? Say it with vodka.

Medea Vodka’s bottle has an LED display that holds six messages up to 255 characters each.

The bottle won the double gold medal at the San Francisco Spirits Packaging Competition.

Inside the bottle is pot-distilled wheat vodka from Holland that goes for about $40. If you try it, let us know how it is!

Oh, the things you could do with 255 characters (times six!). Here’s just one 255-character option:

I bear a message from the future. You are civilization’s only hope. It’s your destiny to save the world. First you must drink some gimlets and cosmopolitans. And some lemon drops. Only then can I reveal your mission to you. Only then will you understand.

[via CNET]

Image by Medea Spirits.

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