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Matt Kramer is a nationally renowned wine writer who has been writing and teaching people about wine since 1976.  He brings an incredible amount of experience and expertise to the subject.  In his first book Making Sense of Wine, Mr. Kramer puts this knowledge to good use.  He covers a wide array of topics from how wine is made, stored and consumed.  The information contained in these chapters is invaluable, regardless of whether you are a wine newbie or an experienced oenophile.

A few years ago, we wanted to expand DOTW to include wine coverage.  This was certainly not a topic that you could “wing”.  Not that spirits can be “winged” but the wine people are much more particular and apt to call you out on something if they think that you are wrong.  I was a bit intimidated by this.  I started taking a number of wine classes and have even now finished a couple of wine programs.  I also started consuming books on the subject of wine.  A number of them were historically interesting.  Others were entertaining.  Making Sense of Wine was among the most useful.  But, I will warn you that the subjects are at times a bit dense and you need to keep with it.  At times, you might even need to re-read sections.  I certainly did.  But, the information is important.

Since writing Making Sense of Wine, Mr. Kramer has revised it (this was the version that I read) and come out with other books on Making Sense of Burgundy (good luck with that), Making Sense of Italian Wine (even better luck with that) and Making Sense of California Wine (easier than Burgundy or Italian Wine).  I haven’t dug into these books yet but look forward to it. 

If you are looking for a good primer on understanding wine, collecting and storing wine and drinking it, then this is a great place to start.

Making Sense of Wine

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