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Yesterday we were invited to Tah Mah Lah, the greenest home in America, to experience the debut of the Bay Area iteration of Krug House.

What is Krug House?

Krug House is a pop up started in 2011 that allows guests to immerse themselves in the experiences that define Krug Champagne. In the words of Carl Heline, US Brand Director for Krug Champagne, “With each Krug House we strive to recreate Joseph Krug’s unique vision of a champagne house founded on the philosophy that the essence of Champagne is pleasure itself”.

Krug House has popped up in New York, Aspen and Los Angeles.

The Bay Area Krug House is set at Tah Mah Lah, a private home in Portola Valley, just south of the San Francisco and will feature a series of farm to table luncheons and dinners hosted by Oliver Krug, Krug’s 6th generation proprietor. The house is was built by a Green Tech VC, who has used it as a project that Net Zero buildings can be attractive, conducive to many lifestyles and affordable.

The setting in the hills above Silicon Valley could not have been more beautiful on this sunny Sunday in June. Having grown up nearby, I reminisced of driving these roads looking for the party. Those parties were never like this. Sure some of the houses were amazing, even then, but we were never drinking Champagne, let alone Krug. Not quite knowing what to expect, we were amazed the level of detail that went into the event. It was an immersive experience in all things Krug, from the entrance way decorated with dozens of bottles from the representative wines that make up Krug, to the displays of flavors that can be tasted in Krug (Honey, Marshmallows, citrus and more).

The setting was nice frame on a Champagne that stand by itself, no marketing glitz needed. It is a light, refreshing champagne with out any extra sweetness or rough spots. Some might say bright, crisp and vibrant. Kind of like a June Sunday Morning on Northern California.

Krug House Bay Area runs through June 7th, 2013.

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