Killer Halloween Drinking Game

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ghostfaceStaying in with friends and a good (or bad) movie for Halloween? Here’s a Halloween drinking game to accompany your home horror film screening. It works best with slasher films such as “Halloween,” “Scream,” “Friday the 13th” and “Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”

Since there are more than a few rules to keep track of, you may want to split into two teams and divvy up the “one drink” rules and then all share the “two drink” rules. You can add rules specific to the film you’re watching.

Take one drink every time:

  • You can see the killer but the character on screen cannot.
  • The victim runs up a flight of stairs.
  • The victim locks him/herself in a bathroom.
  • A character says “I’ll be right back.”
  • There is a false scare.
  • People decide it is a good idea to split up rather than stick together.
  • One character comforts another and assures them “it’s all over now” when it clearly is not.
  • Someone opens a door and a body falls out.
  • Anyone drinks alcohol.
  • A victim trips while being chased.

Take two drinks every time:

  • The killer speaks. (This doesn’t include talking on the phone.)
  • The killer actually runs.
  • A victim is killed during the day.
  • Someone thinks the killer is dead and unwisely goes to investigate the body only to discover he is still alive.
  • A character hides under the bed and witnesses the killer murdering one of the other characters.

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