ISpirit Vodka Review

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This Italian Vodka is a joint venture of the Arrigio Cipriani of the Cipriani family (known for Harry’s Bar in Venice and other high-end Italian restaurants) and Lapo Elkhann of the Fiat family. Clearly, these two are quite the tastemakers with the Cipriani restaurants being the go-to Italian restaurants in Venice and New York and Fiat making some of the most sought after cars in the world. From my research, it also appears that Mr. Elkhann is quite the snazzy dresser, making global best dressed lists year after year.

The ISpirit Vodka is made from 100% grapes (similar to Ciroc). According to legend, Hemingway tasted Italian Vodka on one of his numerous jaunts to Harry’s Bar in Venice. ISpirit was supposedly modeled after the Italian Vodka tasted by Hemingway. The ISpirit also comes in an interestingly shaped bottle with broad shoulders that will make a striking edition to your bar.

Visually, the ISpirit was clear with a silvery gray hue and thick legs. On the nose, moderate intensity of citrus and alcohol. On the palate, viscous body with a moderate intensity of citrus, sugar and alcohol – very limited flavor. Medium plus finish. Average to good spirit.

Try the ISpirit Vodka in a cocktail that calls for thicker Vodka drink like the Sgroppino, which is delicious. Every time I have one, I think of the original that I had siting in a cafe on the Lido, one of the islands that make up Venice. And, I couldn’t resist – the use of an Italian Vodka is a quintessentially Italian drink.

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