International Wine Picks (and Win Free Wine!)

arr-the-world.jpg I sampled wines from around the world at a Bottlenotes tasting at Crushpad in San Francisco a few days ago. I’ve narrowed down my favorites from the evening, to help you add some global flair to your wine rack.

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Wine Picks:

M’hudi Pinotage 2006 (South Africa)

This is a bold red, heavy in mineral flavors. I have never tasted a wine like this. Its unique earthy flavors must come from the South African soil. This region is one to watch for wine lovers. All the fancy-pants wine people were describing it as Old World meets New World. I’m not sure what that means, but if it means that it is awesome, then I agree.

Ayala Brut Majeur NV (France)

This is Champagne with a capital “C,” since it is made in the Champagne region of France. The “NV” means it is made from wines from several different years to achieve a specific house style. In the case of Ayala, this house style means tart citrus and apple tastes balanced with nice dry finish. This is classic brut Champagne for about $35 — not bad for something from a real French Champagne house.

Watershed Awakening Chardonnay 2005 (Australia)

This bright and crisp chardonnay also has a hint of oaky flavor. For about $25, you get a premium-tasting wine at a fair price. It’s very balanced and has something for everyone — those who like it fruity, those who like it oaky.

Cucina Adelaide Barbera d’Alba DOC Le Mie Donne 2006 (Italy)

This is a solid red wine that would go great with an Italian dinner with rich tomato sauces and meats. Light in tannins with a high acidity, it is perfect for those who want a flavorful wine that can hold its own but won’t overpower.

Win wine!
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Update: This contest is now closed

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