Happy Repeal Day – “Cinco de Drinco”

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Way back in 1933 the USA was gripped with an economic depression and to make matters worse, a prohibition on alcohol. The Eighteenth Amendment, “Prohibition,” set the act of getting a decent cocktail back years. Unless of course you were rich, then one could still get the good stuff (with a doctor’s note). The great bartenders all fled to Europe or Latin America as they were now outlaws at home. Drinkers were forced to go underground and break the law themselves. The law, of course, did nothing to stop people from imbibing. The twenties were called “roaring” for a reason. Prohibition also fueled organized crime which lead to increased crime. Once the depression hit, the people had enough. Imagine losing your saving and you can’t even get a drink!

There are still some counties & cities in America where Prohibition is still in effect. The whole State of Mississippi stayed dry until 1966.

Try our Amendment 21 cocktail or read more about the end of Prohibition at This Day in History.

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