Hamburger Week Is Here!

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It makes perfect sense that National Hamburger Week would happen during BBQ Month. This staple meal choice’s roots are found in Germany and its origins can be traced all the way back to the 15th century. Since then, the hamburger has become a popular choice around the world from the good, homemade ones to the quick, fast food versions. 

We’ve rounded up an awesome burger recipe and some great cocktails to satisfy everyone from the safe sipper to the daring drinker. Enjoy! 

Maker’s Mark Kobe Beef Burger — it’s up to you whether you want to throw this juicy burger with bourbon on the grill or not.
The Whiskeyburger Cocktail — beef-infused whiskey, lettuce-onion flavored foam and mustard bitters? Yes, this is a real drink…  
The Cheeseburger — for those who like their burgers with cheese and in a glass.
Backyard Barbeque Michelada — hold the ketchup, but grab the spicy brown mustard for this one.
The Pickleback
—  no burger is complete without the pickle!

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