Gung Hay Fat Choy!

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The Chinese Lunar New Year is one of the most widely celebrated cultural and religious events among Chinese communities worldwide! Considered the most important holiday, the centuries-old tradition marks the end of the winter season with giant festivals around the world featuring dragon and lion dances and fireworks. 

Welcome in the Year of the Dragon by trying out a few of these recipes inspired by this special holiday!

  • Year of the Dragon — this vodka cocktail has the perfect name for getting you in the New Year spirit.
  • Sparkling Dragon — fizzy sparkling water and bitters are a good combo for this rose-colored drink.
  • Citron Dragon — a sweet cocktail with a lemon garnish for a sour twist.
  • Dragon’s Blood Punch — a tasty fruit punch for your holiday gathering.
  • Canal Street — lemons and limes give this brandy cocktail quite a zing!
  • Fireworks — this simple, 2-ingredient drink is easy to make and delicious, too.
  • Lucky Dragon — feeling lucky? Then try a drink made just for you!



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