Guinness Black Lager Beer Review

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We recently attended the Guinness International Champions Cup Soccer (er Football) tournament at San Francisco’s AT&T Park. Guinness wanted to show us some European Football and have us try their Black Lager. Black lager, you say? How is that possible, you say? We are talking about the folks at Guinness, so there. What makes it black is the dark roasted barley. This method also give Guinness Black Lager some very nice coffee notes.

Appearance: (hard to tell in the plastic stadium cup) dark, but not viscus kinda light dark. White head.

Nose: Barley and fruity hops, hints of coffee

Palate: slightly sweet with roasted malt flavors and a light bitterness that lasts into the finish. Deep hints of roasted coffee.

Rating: Very good.

Overall, I like it. I still would rather have a properly poured Guinness Draught

ABV 4.5%

MSRP: $8.49 6 pack

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