Graffigna Centenario 2008 Malbec – Wine Wednesday

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This week’s Wine Wednesday is yet another Malbec from Argentina. I know what you are thinking, another Malbec, you guys must love Malbec. It’s true. We do love Malbec. But, we also love deals and this column is all about good tasting value wine. I have probed the deep recesses of my brain and I honestly believe that Malbec is the best priced red wine out there. So expect to see more Malbec showing up in this column.

The Graffigna Centenario 2008 Malbec comes to us from the oldest winery in San Juan, Argentina, which started producing wine in 1870. Note that this Malbec isn’t from Mendoza, where a majority of Argentinian wine hails from. According to legend, Don Juan Gaffigna brought precious clippings of vines from Italy when he emigrated to Argentina in 1865. It was those vines that were ultimately planted and gave birth to Gaffigna’s wines. Although I would love to know what Gaffigna originally planted as the winery’s current offerings are mainly French (Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec) and it’s doubtful that those vines were brought from Italy.

The Graffigna Centenario Malbec was named after for the winery’s 100th birthday in 1970. Visually, the wine was clear with a medium plus to opaque ruby to purple color. On the nose, the wine had a developing, medium plus intensity of blackberry, black current, nutmeg, cardamom, lavender and earth. The Malbec had a medium acidity, medium plus tannin, medium plus body, medium oak, medium plus alcohol and a medium plus intensity of blackberry, black currant, nutmeg, lavender and earth. Medium plus finish. Both the hubby and I liked it.

We purchased the Malbec for $7.99 at Costco.

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