Game of Thrones – A Return to Battle

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The incredible television show, a Game of Thrones, returns.  There are burning questions to be answered.  Who will control the Seven Kingdoms?  Will Daenerys and her dragons cross the sea and return to the Seven Kingdoms?  Can anything top the Crown of Gold?  Can the imp control Joffrey?

If ever there were a show where the populace looked like it needed a stiff drink, then this is the one.  Life in medieval times was harsh.  Life in the Seven Kingdoms and in exile seems even harsher.  Booze could certainly help the characters as they forge their way with the watch at the wall where the winter scenes make me shiver, deal with the palace intrigue in the south that makes or wind their way through the tall grasses in blistering heat with the Dothraki.  To celebrate their return, we have selected drinks for some of our favorite characters.  Enjoy!

DaenerysDragon’s Blood Punch.  This is perfect to celebrate the possible ascension of Daenerys and her dragons and honor her dead husband and son.  Daenerys is going to be bad ass this year – After surviving a pyre of fire and emerging with three hatched dragons, she is a contender to the throne.

CerseiBlack Widow.  If anyone fits this description it’s Cersei.  Cersei wanted nothing more than to see her husband dead and her son ascend the throne.  Did we mention that her son was fathered by her lover, who is also her lover, and not her husband.

JoffreyBlond Ambition.  A spoiled brat who let his own ambition and hatred get in the way when he executed Ned.  Now hated by his betrothed, whom he already despised, and the North.  The North has succeeded. 

Jon SnowConnie’s Hot Buttered Rum.  It’s chilly in the North at the wall.  And scary to with the unknown lurking on the other side of the wall.  Jon and his cohorts should imbibe in some of Connie’s Hot Buttered Rum.

Let’s us know which drinks your favorite character would or should drink.

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