Five Scary Wines for Halloween

Until I really got into wine, I used to buy wine based on how much I liked the label. Sometimes this worked and sometimes it didn’t. Please keep that caveat in my mind as my recommendations for scary Halloween wines are based solely on the label. I found many apt named wineries (among them the Black Cat, Ghost Pines and Slaughterhouse) but I elected not to highlight them because the labels didn’t live up to their scary names. These are wines that will look great on the sideboard or counter at your Halloween party. Here are my top picks:

  1. Headless Red: a wine with a spooky wine bottle of a headless rider galloping through a midnight forest. This is a great red blend from Ash Hollows. Check out our review.
  2. Vampire Wines: A selection of wines from California with blood dripping from the winery’s name. Subtle but effective. We can’t vouch for these wines as we haven’t tried them.
  3. Skeleton Wines: Neck in neck with the Headless Red for the best bottle. This bottle displays a drunken skeleton sitting against a barrel with a wine glass in its hand. We can’t vouch for the wines as we haven’t tried them but in general, we are pretty big fans of Gruner Veltliner and Zweigelt (the white and red wine of Austria).
  4. Werewolf Wines: Awesome bottle with a black bottle, a full moon and wolf scratches. This wine hails from Romania but we couldn’t find out much else. We can’t vouch for these wines as we haven’t tried them.
  5. Elk Creek Vineyards: 3 ghoulish wines to try with bottles reminiscent of Psycho (hands on the shower) and a skeleton. Apparently, one of the owners also owns one of the Halloween chains and takes Halloween wines to a new level. We can’t vouch for these wines as we haven’t tried them.

If you can’t find any of these scary bottles for your Halloween party or want to serve your favorite wine for Halloween, make your own scary labels or buy some. Check out these creepy labels.

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