Essential Glassware – White Wine

White wine glasses are an essential ingredient for your home bar. Not only is a white wine glass essential for the consumption of white wine, it can also be used to serve up sangria, fruit based cocktails and water.

While white wine glasses come in a number of styles, they are start around eight ounces, average 10 ounces and go slightly larger. White wine glasses have a round bowl with a narrow mouth that enables delicate white wines to protect their fragile aroma. For sturdier white wines (such as oaked chardonnay), the wine glass may have a larger mouth to allow for increased oxidation, which smoothes the oak influences.

When using the white wine glass for wine, fill slightly less than half full (make sure that there isn’t too much wine in the glass to allow for full appreciation of the wine’s aromas). When using the white wine glass for cocktails, you can fill more than half way but you should be careful as white wine glasses can often contain far more ounces than you would want to serve in a cocktail. For water, feel free to fill the white wine glass as full as you would like.

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