Essential Glassware – Margarita Glass

No glass screams party like the margarita glass, a sure essential in your barware collection. Who doesn’t remember their first blended margarita (admittedly for most of us, this was the non-alcoholic version) or throwing back a few in Mexico? I know I am in for a good time when I go to a party and I see the margarita glasses lined up.

The margarita glass is usually a tall glass, but its distinctive characteristic is its bowl. The margarita glass has a wide, deep bowl. The bowl is generally five (5) inches wide (the better for rimming with salt) with its deep bowl holding 12 to 20 ounces. The Super Margarita Glass is a monster of a glass that holds 60 ounces. If that isn’t a party in a glass then I don’t know what is. Lately, the margarita glass has become more decorative. My favorite is the glass with the cactus stems.

When using the margarita glass, fill it almost to the rim, leaving a few inches to avoid spillage. The margarita glass is also a natural for serving shrimp cocktail, guacamole and dessert. The next time you throw a party, try a Mexican bash replete with margaritas and guacamole, both served in margarita glasses.

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