Essentail Glassware – Old Fashioned

If you love cocktails, then the old-fashioned glass is an essential ingredient in your barware collection. The glass was used to serve the original cocktail now know as the old fashioned. The drinks became so popular that the glass used to serve them quickly became known as the old-fashioned glass. The old-fashioned glass reminds me of the elegance of the 1930s. In so many old movies, you see people swilling cocktails in this distinctive glass.

The old-fashioned glass looks similar to the highball glass but it’s shorter and thicker with its exterior tapering into the glass. The typical old-fashioned glass holds six to ten ounces with a double old-fashioned glass holding 12 to 16 ounces. The old-fashioned glass is one of the thickest glasses with the thickness necessary to prevent the ice from melting quickly and the drink from warming in the imbiber’s hands (as there is no stem to hold, the drinkers holds the glass itself).

When using the old-fashioned glass, fill the glass partly full (it depends on how big you make your drink). But you don’t want to make your old fashioneds to large as the only liquid to cut this drink is the ice that melts (the rest is almost ethereal combination of booze, sugar and bitters). The glass can also be used to serve other drinks and beverages.

The old-fashioned glass is also a bit of a chameleon. If you see a drink that calls for a rocks glass or a bucket glass or a lowball glass, the recipe is calling for the old fashion glass

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