Easy Drinks for Thanksgiving!

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After a long day of cooking, basting, stuffing, fluffing, football-watching, cranberry-tasting, pie-baking and merriment-making, I can’t think of anything that would better punctuate an amazing Thanksgiving Day better than a nice strong cocktail.

After exhibiting such culinary excellence I think you’ve earned the reward of a refreshing beverage! Here are five rich, rewarding and effortless beverages perfect for a fine evening of reflection upon everything you’re thankful for:

Baileys Pumpkin Pie: Baileys Irish Cream and a hot mug of coffee is a classic combination, but add some pumpkin pie spice, a cinnamon stick and whipped cream, and this simple drink is transformed into a potential Thanksgiving tradition perfect for the cold weather.

Beefeater Thanksgiving Toast: Make sure to save a serving of that mouth-watering leftover cranberry sauce so you can add an ounce of gin and ginger ale to create this refreshing Thanksgiving Martini dream.

Harvest Highball: If you need a drink that will send your taste buds into a delightful frenzy, mix Ketel One Citrocen Vodka, Ginger Beer, lime juice and simple syrup to create this revitalizing citrus treat.

Warm Winter Margarita: This south-of-the-border cousin of the Hot Toddy adds a little flair to your post-Thanksgiving fiesta! Warm Apple Juice along with a cinnamon stick over your stove, add dried fruit, sugar and tequila for holiday treat that is muy delicioso!

Hot Cinn Apple Toddy: If you’re not ready to break out the tequila just yet, keep the apple juice warm and add a strong bourbon, Hiram Walker’s Original Cinn, lemon juice and finish with agave nectar to add a new twist to the quintessential autumn classic.

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