Earth Day – Organic & Sustainable Spirits

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Greentini Happy Earth Day!

This year the beverage industry is full of sustainable and organic products. We’ve had the pleasure to try a few.

360 Vodka: a 100% organic vodka from the Midwest.

Veev: A sustainable açai spirit full of antioxidants and made with a process that uses 200% less energy than traditional methods.

Root: An organic sassafrass, sarsparilla spirit from the folks at Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction (that’s quite a word full).  Think root beer!  This drink tastes remarkably like root beer and makes great drinks that taste like it as well

Prairie Vokda: another vodka from the Midwest that is certified organic and kosher.  This vodka is not only green, but a helps the community as the corn, which is the base material for the spirit, is purchased from a coop of 900 farmers in Minnesota and the waste is used as energy to run the stills.

Del Maguey Mezcal:  the company that revolutionized the mezcal industry.  Del Maguey makes 8 different mezcals, including one infused with chicken breast and helps support one village, where all of their mezcals are made.

Try 360’s Greentini.

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