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I had the pleasure of attending a wonderful holiday event last week at a quaint speakeasy-style bar called The Basement Tavern at Victoria in San Monica, California. April Gallegos, the Marker’s Mark Distillery Diplomat for Southern California, conducted a tasting of unaged to overaged bourbon and shared some history and background on the brand. Have you ever wondered what the “SIV”, the star and the circle mean on a Mark’s Mark label? I learned that “SIV” represents Samuels 4th generation at the distillery, the star is for the Star Hill Family Farm and the circle has 3 breaks in its shape that represents the only 3 times production stopped — Prohibition, WW1 and WW2.

I had one of the best Old Fashions made with Maker’s Mark and a twist: blueberries instead of cherries. The white dog was tamed to a white puppy but still had a kick and I enjoyed myself! A little food, bourbon and friendly people — what more could you want?

Try out this awesome bourbon recipe!


2 parts Maker’s Mark Bourbon
1 part DeKuyper Triple Sec
Fresh lemon juice or margarita mix

Pour ingredients into a martini shaker with ice. Shake sharply. Serve on the rocks in a glass with or without a salted rim.

Courtesy of Maker’s Mark Bourbon.

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