The Ultimate Cuba Libre

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Now that we Americans can finally visit Cuba legally, what else could we feature this but the Cuba Libre. Although its origins are a bit foggy, it is said to have been created around 1900 in Cuba. To help celebrate this momentous occasion the folks at Matusalem Rum are sharing their Ultimate Cuba Libre recipe. Matusalem was first produced in Santiago de Cuba in 1872 and was produced there until 1959. The brand is now produced in the Dominican Republic, but longs for it’s Cuban home.

Made with Matusalem Gran Reserva, “the Congac of Rums” aged 15 years, this is one smooth cocktail. So hoist one with friends and toast “Cuba Libre”.


  • 2 oz Matusalem Gran Reserva rum
  • Cola, ice cold
  • Wedge of lime


Half fill a chilled highball or collins glass with ice cubes, add rum and fill with cold cola. Stir gently and squeeze the lime wedge over drink and drop into glass.

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