The Awapuhi – Pau Hana Friday Cocktail

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Here’s our regular Friday cocktail from our friends at Hawaiirama as part of their regular Hawaii cocktail coverage.

Awapuhi is the Hawaiian word for a native ginger plant and this cocktail definitely has a nice, spicy ginger kick. The taste is fresh, complex and slightly sweet with a mild ginger heat. The Awapuhi is a signature cocktail at the The Red Bar, the boite located at noted Chef Bev Gannon’s Wailea joint, A Pacific View Restaurant (which does have a spectacular view). It was created by mixologist Triston Rodrigus, a local who was born and raised in Happy Valley  Maui. His family used ginger root for many medicinal  during his childhood. Note: the gel that’s easy to squeeze out of awapuhi ginger buds also can be used to wash hair – but don’t try this in the bar, folks.

¾ ginger Canton Liquor liqueur1
¼ oz Kettle One vodka 
1 oz sweet & sour
2 oz fresh lemonade 
8 fresh mint sprigs 
3 slices pickled ginger

Shake with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Pucker up and suck’em down!

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