Bacon Salt Martini

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mixology mondayThe guys over at Tiki Drinks & Indigo Firmaments are hosting December’s Mixology Monday and have chosen “spice” as the theme. They said we could include anything that ads flavor that is not considered an herb, including salt. bacon saltSo thinking about a post I wrote about Bacon Salt’s use of social media and this post I read on their blog. Yes, the king of salt, Bacon Salt, is my “spice” of choice and my cocktail, the Bacon Salt Martini!


  • 3 oz vodka (I like Kettle One)
  • splash dry vermouth
  • Bacon salt (original or peppered)
  • Lemon wedge


Rinse a chilled cocktail glass with the Vermouth. Next, et the rim with the lemon and dip into a plate of Bacon Salt. Use the peppered for extra kick. Shake the vodka with ice and strain. Garnish with bacon – of course!

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