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With 52% of young Americans planning to use whipped cream this Valentine’s Day and a third admitting to wanting “as much as they can get their hands on,” according to a recent survey, why not celebrate this day of love with a sexy “Hot on Top” cocktail? Enriched with the decadent flavors of hot chocolate and an Atomic Hot, cinnamon kick, Pinnacle Vodka’s “Hot on Top” is sure to make this holiday a memorable one.


  • 1 part(s) Pinnacle Atomic Hot Vodka
  • 1 part(s) DeKuyper Hot Damn! Cinnamon Schnapps
  • 4 part(s) Hot Chocolate


Add all ingredients in a mug and top with whipped cream and Red Hots (optional).

brought to you by Pinnacle Atomic Hot Vodka

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