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Our friend Daniel Yaffe, founder of Drink Me magazine, recently published his first book < Drink More Whiskey: Everything You Need to Know About Your New Favorite Drink
.  Daniel is clearly a lover of whiskey and this book is his personal homage to the spirit.  We can hardly blame him as it’s one of our favorite beverages as well.

In Drink More Whiskey, Daniel takes a new approach to examining the spirit that is fun, witty and bordering on irreverant.  Daniel doesn’t write a dissertation on whiskey in his book.  Instead, it’s written as he speaks, as though Mr. Yaffee were discussing the topic with friends.  Believe it or not, it’s a somewhat novel approach in the drinks book category.  You generally see technical dissertations or cocktail books. 

The book briefly provides the history and production of whiskey but spends most of its time examining the major whiskey producing regions in the world, starting with America (see what I mean about irreverent – most would start in Scotland, the whiskey heartland) with side trips to the world of white dog and cocktails.  In his examination of the whiskey producing areas, Daniel looks at America, Canada, Scotland, Ireland and Japan.  The only area missing is the emerging whiskey production in countries that traditionally only consumed, not produced, whiskey, like Germany, Taiwan and South Africa.

For each country, Daniel delves into the history, its laws (each country has to have its own production laws) and styles.  As part of his review, he delves into producers that are famous, as well as typifying a particular style of whiskey.  In America, he talks to us about rye and bourbon and the multiple style of bourbon.  Daniel also tell us the brands that distillers produce and some run the gamut from entry level to high end.  In Canada, the style of whiskey is explored, along with Canadian Club and Crown Royal.  Scotland looks at whiskey producing regions, single malt versus blending scotch and the distillers.  Ireland forays into the styles of Irish whiskey and producers.  Japan offers a history lesson and the brands.  Each chapter ends with a selection of cocktails incorporating the whiskey style of each country.

If you are looking for a new twist on the exploration of whiskey, give Drink More Whiskey a try!

Drink More Whiskey: Everything You Need to Know About Your New Favorite Drink

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