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Update: We have a winner. Samantha from NorCal. Congrats!

The holidays are here and what should be a nice relaxing “holiday” can easily turn into a very stressful unrelaxing time for the host. Knowing this, we have assembled some tips to help make your holiday entertaining a bit less stressful (and economical)! Oh yeah, and we are going to give away a Windows 7 Phone to a lucky commenter, all you need to do is tell us how you do more with less in the comments below.

As an early Holiday Gift to our readers we are giving away a brand new Windows 7 Phone.

So how can you do more with when planning a holiday party?

One word: PUNCH!

Why punch you ask? We love punch for many reasons, lets name a few.

1. Prep time is minimal.
2. You can make a punch with a little as 3 or 4 ingredients.
3. Punches are lower in alcohol that other cocktails, so you can stretch your entertaining dollar and worry less about drunk guests.
4. Your guests can serve themselves.
5. It is easy to make more when you are running low.
6. A bowl full of punch is a great center piece for a table full of party goodies.
7. Punches are highly customizable.

So how easy is a punch to make? Simple as one, two, three: One of our favorite recipes combines whiskey, simple syrup, black tea and fresh fruit (lemons, limes and oranges). That’s it. Dead simple. For a small party a large 1.75 liter should be plenty of booze (buy in bulk and save) . Simply add the ingredients into a punch bowl and you are good to go. We like to make an ice block to cool the whole mixture. These are easy to make, just fill a large Tupperware container with water and freeze. How easy is that.

When you are ready to make you punch, just dip the Tupperware in warm water and the ice block will slip right out. Oh yeah, make sure you add the ice block to the punch bowl BEFORE the other ingredients otherwise you may have a mess on your hands, and that is not easy or fun to clean up, plus you risk wasting booze.

Once your punch is assembled, simply put out some punch cups and ice and let your guests serve themselves. How easy is that? If you really want to get fancy, put out some sparking water or soda so your guests can customize their libations. During the party all you need to do is add more booze, tea or ice as the bowl get low.

So how do you do more with less? Let us know in the comments below and we could be sending you a Windows 7 phone! To be eligible to win, your comments must be entered by November 29, 2010.

Disclosure: This giveaway is brought to you by the new Windows Phone 7. Learn more about Windows Phone online [] and see it in person at local T-Mobile stores today. For official rules, click here.

This contest is now closed.

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