Liquor Links

Spirits are the base of all cocktails. Having the right kind makes all the difference. To help you find more information on your favorites, we’ve put together a directory of distillers websites. This list is by no means complete, so send us your missing favorite.

Brandy – Cognac – Armanac

Calvados P̬re Magloire РFrench Calvados
Eaux de vie Massenez – Various French Fruit Brandies
Fontan Vineyards – French brandies
Imoya – South African Brandy
Laird’s – American Apple Jack Brandy
St. George Spirits – Various American Fruit Brandies
Armagnac Yves Duflo – Armagnac
Cognac du Dumaine de Beaulieu – Cognacs
Cognac Larsen – Cognac
Courvoisier – Cognac
La Fontaine de la Pouyade – Cognac
Remy Martin – Cognac
Saint James Pineapple Brandy – California
Saint James Kirsch Brandy – California



Anchor Junipero Gin – California, USA
Bafferts Gin – UK
Beefeater – England
Bellringer Gin
Broker’s Gin – England
Boodles British Gin
Bols Genever – Holland
Bombay Sapphire – UK
Bombadier Military Gin
Booth’s Gin
Cadenhead’s Old Raj Gin – Scotland
Cascade Mountain Gin – Oregon, USA
Damrak Amsterdam Gin – Holland
Dirty Olive Gin – New York, USA
Greenall’s Original Gin – England
Gordon’s – England
Hampton’s Gin – USA
Hendrick’s Gin – Scotland
Juniper Green Organic – England
Plymouth Gin – UK
Seagram’s – UK / USA
South Gin – New Zealand
Tanqueray – England
The Quitenssential Dry Gin – England
Van Gogh’s Gin – Holland

Gin & Vodka Assoc
– UK


Amarula – Cream Liqueur (Africa)
– Orange Liqueur (France)
Damiana Liqueur
– Light Herbal Liqueur (Mexico)
Distilleria Cristiani – Amaretto, Fruit Liqueurs, Sambucca & Grappa (Italy)
– Honey and Herb Liqueur. Scotch Based (Scotland)
– Hazelnut (Italy)
Great on Pancakes! Site has a handful of recipes, a form to submit your creations, and a downloadable recipe booklet
Grand Marnier – (France) Orange liqueur made with Cognac
– Orange liqueur (Italy)
Heather Cream Liqueur – Scotch based cream liqueur (Scotland)
– Anise Liqueur (Germany)
Kahana Royale – Macadamia Nut Liqueur (Hawaii)
– Coffee Liqueur (Mexico)
cool site – 228 Recipes using Kahlua and interactive party planner
Licor 43 – Fruit Liqueur (Spain)
– Melon Liqueur (Japan)
Passoa – Passion Fruit Liqueur (Mexico)
Pernod – Anise Flavored Liqueur(France)
Ponche Crema – Creme Liqueur (Venezuela)
Southern Comfort
– Kentucky Bourbon Liqueur (USA)
Tia Maria – Coffee Liqueuer (Jamaica)