DIY Apple-Vanilla Bourbon

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It’s Fall, dammit! Time to get cozy with some autumnal booze.

The great thing about this simple apple-vanilla bourbon is that it’s so flexible: You can drink it alone, in a Manhattan or in a new creation of your own. (To learn how to design your own recipes, check out our book: DIY Cocktails.)

Granny Smith apples give a bright, pie-like flavor to the infusion. You can use any kind of apple, but sweeter apples might not give it the same oomph. I like to make several small batches of infusions, each with a different twist. A way to make this recipe even more pie-tastic (That’s a word, right?) is to add a stick of cinnamon. Or to make it more cider-y (Also a word!), add a little nutmeg and cloves along with the cinnamon. Ooh, maybe some ginger! I encourage experimentation. Here’s the basic recipe to get you started:

1 cup bourbon
1 Granny Smith Apple, cored and cut into chunks
1 vanilla bean, cut in half lengthwise

Put the apple and vanilla in a sealable glass container. Pour the bourbon over the ingredients, seal the jar, and then shake. Let the mixture steep for five to seven days, tasting regularly to determine when desired flavor is achieved. Strain through cheesecloth into another sealable glass container. Store as you would any other spirit.

[Photo Credit: Mangpage]

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