Cocktail Reads To Gift For The Holidays

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We are avowed bibliophiles (book lovers) at DOTW and consume books on drink history, spirits and cocktails. There have been amazing books published in the last few years on drinking history, Prohibition and the exploration of cocktail culture. We can’t think of a better gift to give for the holidays.

Here are our top picks for for your favorite book lover:

  • DIY Cocktails. We can’t help ourselves. It might not be what you think of when chronicling cocktail history but this book delves into the mystery behind the 10 most used ratio’s to mix drinks.  This book was written by your favorite authors at DOTW and a lot of blood, sweat and tears went into its development. DIY Cocktails is all about helping the folks at home embrace their inner bartender and provides 10 ratios that show you how to make the great classic cocktails and invent new ones of your own.
  • Imbibe. This book is a classic. The irrepressible Dave Wondrich explorers early drinking in America, the contributions of the original mixologist Jerry Thomas and some amazing recipe. This book is a must for any aspiring bartender.
  • Last Call. The book that explores Prohibition, including the political climate that led to Prohibition, the toll taken on society by Prohibition and its lasting impact. Daniel Orkney does an amazing job of exploring this complex topic and the parallels to modern issues are scary. If you don’t have time to read the book, watch Prohibition by Ken Burns, a great cliff note version of Last Call.
  • Boozehound. A travelogue of booze stories from Jason Wilson, who writes the spirits column at the Washington Post. Follow the author around the globe as he seeks out in his own words, “the obscure, the rare and the overrated”. An entertaining and enlightening read.
  • And a Bottle of Rum. From Wayne Curtis, one of the masters of Rum and spirits author at the Atlantic. I first ran across Mr. Curtis at Tales of the Cocktail where he served up drinks from Colonial America. One was an amazing pineapple drink made with Rum and the other made with a massive, hot, metal poker. Who couldn’t be impressed. I was inspired to check out his book, And a Bottle of Rum, a study in American drinking history.

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