Cocktail Casting Call: 30 Rock

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Fire up your Kabletown boxes and grab a large bag of Sabor de Soledad, the loveable cast of characters at 30 Rock are back! The cast of 30 Rock is one of the best on television, so today we honor each character with a casting call of our own. Here are some of the best supporting cocktails for your must-see Thursday! 

  • Liz’s Lemon Lavender Cocktail – The leader of this motley crew might not be the most graceful but she’s beautiful, successful and sees herself as an elegant flower. Lemon’s cocktail tribute reflects this with a flute of champage, gin, a double punch of fresh lemon and limoncello along with the soothing elegance of lavender. Keep the business juice flowing! 
  • Jack’s Irish Kiss – He might be the Vice President of East Coast Television and Microwave Oven Programming for Kabletown, but good old Jack Donaghy is a south Boston lad who loves a good Whisky. Take whisky, add a kiss of peach Schnapps, ginger ale and orange juice in order to create the perfect end to a perfect day. Just don’t order it on a plane, you might get incepted. 
  • Tracy’s Mardi Grape – Make sure to take off your Hollywood Socks before breaking out the Collins glass for this treat. Tracy once swore on his mother’s grape, so this drink calls for Skyy’s Grape infusions, grape fruit Juice, grape juice and a dash of club soda. 
  • Jenna’s $1000 Mint Julep – Jenna Maroney was born a star and she needs a cocktail equally as luxurious and dynamic. Muddle mint leaves with sugar and water along with Woodford Reserve Bourbon to create the kind of drink that may finally end that feud with Raven-Symone…but she knows what she did.

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