Bulldog London Dry Gin Review

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Bulldog London Dry Gin is a relatively new entrant into the gin market, having been released in 2006. But its timing is impeccable; Bulldog’s release perfectly coincided with the resurgence of gin. There isn’t much information to be had about Bulldog Dry Gin. The website says that it is distilled by a distillery that has over 250 years experience. A press release states that the brand was started in 2003 by a former banker and his friend who wanted to revitalize and redefine gin in the same way that Grey Goose did for vodka.

We also found out that the Bulldog is handcrafted in London with quadruple distillation, triple filtering and the use of 12 unique botanicals (poppy, lotus leaf, lemon, almond, cassis, lavender, orris, licorice, coriander, angelica, juniper). This is not a heavy, juniper forward gin. Rather, it’s a light gin that is allegedly heavy on the dragon eye, which is a fruit, a cousin to lychee and long thought to be an aphrodisiac in China. I am wildly enthusiastic about lychees and maybe this is the reason that I liked the Bulldog gin more than I like most gins.

The Bulldog gin was crystal clear with a viscous, slightly oily texture. On the nose, the Bulldog had a strong aroma that I couldn’t identify (maybe this was the dragon eye), poppy, juniper and pepper with a slight underlying hint of lemon. On the mouth, the Bulldog was smooth with a light to medium minus body and a slightly oily texture. The Bulldog gin exhibited flavors of citrus, poppy, juniper and fruit blossom. Medium long finish with stronger alcohol on the palate than promised on the nose.

We would recommend using this gin in cocktails as its delicate flavor and light body would work very well in cocktails.

Try a Floradora, a Tom Collins or a Gin and Tonic.

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