Big House Red – Wine Wednesday

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This week’s Wine Wednesday pick is Big House Red and was named after the nearby prison in Soledad California (Monterrey County). Besides offering wines at great prices, this winery has being doing some pretty cool stuff. They winery has a woman winemaker who works with a number of weird wine varietals that you don’t see every day, has initiated an anti-snobbery campaign and offers all of their wines in eco-friendly boxes (at a substantial discount – the box holds four bottles and retails for approximately $22). And, the winery has one of the coolest wine websites we have seen –

The Big House Red retails for approximately $9 (but we purchased our bottle for $6 at Safeway). The wine is a blend of over 15 vastly different wine varietals. The wine is a fruit forward wine with both black and red berries (blackberries and raspberries), cranberry, vanilla, sweet spice and a hint of leather. It’s fairly versatile and pairs well with a variety of foods, including meat sauces and oily fish.

Lock yourself into the Big House and give it a whirl!

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