Beer Drinks from Tecate Light

How about some beer drinks? I certainly don’t post enough, so the folks at Tecate thought they would send us a few fun things to do with your beer. All of these concoctions are made with Tecate Light (duh, they sent me the recipes), which has just recently reached our shores. They all make me feel that summer MUST be around the corner, and that can’t be bad.

Tecate Mojito

To update this favorite drink, muddle together six sprigs of fresh mint, 4 tsp. of sugar syrup and 2 tsp. of lime juice in the bottom of a tall, frosted glass. Add 2 tbl. of light rum (optional) and stir. Pour 12 oz of chilled Tecate Light into the glass and enjoy!

Nueva Cuba

Liberate yourself from the traditional rum-and-coke with this frosty concoction. Pour 6 oz of Coca-Cola into the bottom of a cold glass, followed by 6 oz of Tecate Light. Squeeze a lime slice into the mix and drink up!

Bloody Bull Lager

A new take on the Bloody Mary, this savory mix features the expected ingredients and more! Mix 2 tsp. of lime juice, ½ cup of spicy tomato juice and 2 tbl. of vodka (optional) in a glass. Pour 12 oz of ice-cold Tecate Light and stir with a crisp celery stalk.

Citrus Explosion

For a quick burst of citrus, pour 6 oz of citrus soda and 6 oz of Tecate Light into the bottom of the glass. Stir well, and enjoy!

Courtesy of Tecate Light.

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