Absolut Wild Tea Review

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I’m way past being fashionably late but I hear it’s better late than never. And I can’t NOT brag about the fabulous 14th Annual Beautiful People Party hosted by Absolut Wild Tea and Paper Magazine I was so lucky to score an invite to. I mean who could pass on a party performed Duran Duran and let me know they were “Hungry Like a Wolf” and that I was living in an “Ordinary World”?

I know I resist, especially since the Beautiful People Party was hosted at the uber-hip spot Good Units in Midtown Manhattan. With my VIP media pass I was invited to live in the world of New York’s most beautiful, and most swank while sampling my new summer cocktail Absolut Ginger Tea. I knew Spring had sprung once I got a refreshing taste of 1 part ABSOLUT Wild Tea, 2 parts ginger ale and a splash of lime over ice. Yea, you just tasted Summer too didn’t you? Sorry gin and tonic, I think you’ve just been replaced, but we’ve had a good run at it.

Absolut Wild Tea gives you just the right about of sweet without becoming overbearing. Fresh, smooth with a hint of sweet will be the perfect relief for those hot New York summer nights.

Having been stuck on Absolut Brooklyn for many months I didn’t think Absolut could make me love another as much a I loved a gingery apple cocktail.

But alas they’ve done it again.

And just so you know I’m not only hooked on ginger I tried out the delightful Absolut Wild Cran cocktail as well. A simple and tasty drink of 1 part Absolut Wild Tea and 2 parts cranberry juice over ice sealed the deal. Partake friends, partake and get yourself a sample of what Summer will be bringing. I assure you, you won’t be disappointed.

Absolut Wild Tea

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