Glossary of Bar Terms, Liquors & Ingredients

– A –

Abisante – a pale green, anise flavored liqueur

Absinthe – an alcohol containing wormwood

Acerola Pulp – the pulp of the Barbados cherry, a variety of sub -tropical plants which grow in the Caribbean and Texas

Advokaat – an eggnog liqueur originally from Holland

After Shock – a peppermint and cinnamon flavored liqueur

Akvavit – from Scandinavia, made from rye with an infusion of caraway

Ale – a beer similar to lager, but with more of a bitter taste

Alize – a passion fruit flavored liqueur

Amaretto – an almond -flavored liqueur made from apricot pits

Anise; Anisette – licorice -flavored liqueur made from anise seeds

Apple Brandy, Applejack – Brandy made from Apples

Apple Pucker – an apple -flavored schnapps made by De Kuyper

Apricot liqueur – a cordial made from apricot pits

Armagnac – a brandy like cognac, but distilled only once and available in vintages

– B –

B and B – a dry blended liqueur made from Benedictine and old Cognac and produced in France

Banana Liqueur – a sweet liqueur made from bananas

Beer – an alcoholic beverage made from malted barley; flavored with hops after fermentation

Benedictine – an herb liqueur made from a formula by the Benedictine Monks in France

Bitters – a sweet to dry flavored drink made from aromatic plants, usually spirit -based; considered an aperitif

Blackberry Liqueur – a cordial made from blackberries

Blended Whiskey – a combination of different whiskeys that have been combined in casks

Blue Curacao – a liqueur made from white Curacao and blue coloring

Bourbon – a brown liquor made from at least 51% corn and aged for at least two years in white oak casks

Brandy – a single distillate or a mixture of distillates obtained from wine or the fermented juice of fruit