Absolut SF Review

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The most recent release in Absolut’s city series, Absolut SF is the fifth city to be released. As proud San Franciscans, we believe that SF should have been first and not fifth in the Absolut City Series but what can you do. San Francisco is a pretty city perched on hills, overlooking some pretty famous bridges and shrouded in fog. San Francisco also has been a city that has paid homage to spirits — from the liquor that flooded the city during the Gold Rush to the reign of Jerry Thomas, the first celebrity bartender in the 1800s, to the bars on the Barbary Coast where many a man was shanghaied (basically, drugged, generally while drinking, and sold to ships that were making their way to the Orient). Today, San Francisco continues to honor this proud heritage and is home to a number of establishments that make some mighty fine drinks, as well as a diverse, eclectic and vibrant community. To honor San Francisco’s heritage, Absolut SF is a flavored vodka with grape, dragon fruit and papaya.

Absolut SF is a clear, viscous spirit with a nose of candied grape, papaya and melon. On the palate, the Absolut SF is viscous and sweet with an overwhelming papaya taste and hints of grape. To be fair, I have to admit that I don’t love papaya and am having a difficult time overcoming the intensity of the papaya to provide a balanced review. If you love papaya or are looking to try something new, give Absolut SF a whirl.

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