6 Ways to Upgrade Your Bar

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Party season’s over, it’s time to re-stock

By Chris Koch

This article originally appeared in TheSpir.it

It’s not your fault, you tried very hard: armfuls of Charles Shaw, a case of Cava from World Market, a few bottles of the Captain for your party’s signature cocktail. Just 24 hours ago you felt well stocked, defended, a discount beverage moat dug deep around your liquor cabinet. It just simply wasn’t enough.

The marauders are gone now. Your hangover abated, you eye the liquor cabinet across the room, doors splayed open. It comes back to you: The last garrison fell around 2 a.m., the keep was taken, the coffers plundered. It’s gone. All of it.

That’s the bad news. The good news? Well, it’s like that popular half-truth about the Chinese character: You’re poised to turn this crisis into an opportunity, pal. Because, let’s face it, your bar wasn’t that well stocked. Top shelf maybe, but all it said about you is that you were able to successfully memorize the brands from a hotel minibar. You have holiday money now, and those empty shelves in your cabinet — that’s where the soul goes. It’s time to upgrade, resolve to drink better in 2011.

Here’s a quick guide to getting started.

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