5 Trends We Found at the 2013 Nightclub & Bar Show

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We recently attended the Nightclub and Bar Show in Las Vegas and here’s 5 trends we saw emerge from the 700 plus exhibitors.

  • John Taffer –  He’s everywhere.  He’s the President of the NCB, he’s the host of Spike TVs Bar rescue, he rescued hundreds of bars and nightclubs. I was a bit skeptical, after merely watching a few Bar Rescue episodes. But, I met a few owners he’s helped and I quote”everything Jon told me to do made me money”. Nuff said, if you got a bar, John and his team will make it better.
  • Cocktails in a Can – These things go in and out of fashion. It is now in style for cocktail bars to serve cocktails bottle on premise. So why do the same, but with a can and a factory.
  • Vodka – Guess what, vodka is still cheap to make and people still love to drink it. Don’t let a suspender wearing gin peddler tell you otherwise.
  • Energy drinks – They are back and with a new twist, energy aphrodisiac. Now you can be horny and wide awake when you go home alone from the club.
  • Apps for everything bar related. Inventory control apps, DJ apps, self-service ordering apps, ID checking apps, bar game apps, you name it there was an app for that.
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