5 Bottles To Buy Your Co-Workers

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We know that it’s time to pick up presents for your co-workers.  In our humble opinion, the best gift to buy is booze!   Who doesn’t like booze?  We also like wine, but this article is dedicated to booze.   We put together our top 5 picks for good booze that also happens to be priced right.  Good luck this holiday season.

Here are our top 5 for this holiday season:

  • Svedka Vokda.  I will admit that I haven’t personally tried this but my co-worker loves it!  Since I trust him and he has good taste, I will take his suggestion.  Plus, Svedka has a pretty bottle it has released for the holidays.  I am always a sucker for pretty bottles and cool gift sets.
  • Espolon Tequila.  A great tequila at a great price.  Long a cult favorite – this Tequila is known for it’s clarity of flavor.
  • Bulliet Bourbon.  One of our favorite Bourbons.  This Bourbon was originally sold from 1830-1860 and then revived well over 100 years later by one of the descendents of the original distiller.  This is an easy drinking Bourbon that makes great drinks.
  • Kahlua.  The one, the only, the original.  Who doesn’t love Kahlua?  The perfect mix of rum and coffee that plays well on its own, in cocktails, on ice cream, in baked goods and the list goes on!  And, if you can find a bottle in the Atzec decanter, it can’t get any better.
  • Brugal Rum. Yum.  A great Rum from a producer (and it’s owner) that are dedicated to giving back to the community.  What could be better for the holidays than supporting a company that supports their local community.  It’s almost like making a donation.

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