2010 NASFT Winter Fancy Food Show – San Francisco

San Francisco was host to the NASFT Winter Fancy Foods Show this past weekend and, wow, what a spread! There was miles of cheese, chocolate, oils, dips, coffee, liqueurs, ice cream, sauces, dips, salts (lots of salts) and a ton of other fancy food products from all over the world.

My favorite Irish Cheddar, spiked with whiskey or ale is pictured below:

Irish Cheddar with whiskey

Among the thousands of products on hand, there were plenty for the bar. We found garnishes, rimmers, buckets of margaritas, syrups, fresh juices and even a hangover cure from France.


In the French pavilion, we even found the P&M whisky range (pictured). Distilled in Corsica, P&M makes two blends and a single malt.

Among the rows and rows of enthusiastic entrepreneurs, I kept finding hidden cocktail culture gems. It was truly an international experience with Pisco from Peru, espresso infused Sambuca from Italy, and a hangover cure from France.

I discovered a Sence Rose Nectar, Q Tonic, a natural Quinine tonic sweetened with agave nectar, and chocolates filled with Jack Daniels, Baileys or José Cuervo. There were also several mass-produced ‘cocktail’ mixes and kits that seem to glow. At least the Appletini tasted ‘like’ apple.

For the first time this year, the Fancy Food Show featured a Craft Brewers Pavilion with some great beers from the 21st Amendment, Stone Brewing, Sam Adams (yep, that one) and Kona Brewing. Shockingly, this was one popular spot!

Garnishes and rimmers were popular. I found a nice array of pickled veggies and some boozy one’s as well. I even found “real” maraschino cherries, sans electric red coloring! On the chocolate front we found a neat little product the ‘choc-tail’ sipper, essentially a straw filled with chocolate beads. Made by local chocolate maker Bridge Brand, a drinker sips a drink and the chocolate adds flavor to the it.

Even with all this food, I found that I got quite a workout walking the endless aisles of amazing culinary products.

National Association for the Specialty Food Trade

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