10 Steps to Making Great Cocktails at Home

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This is an essential list to follow if you want to make tasty cocktails. These may seem like nobrainers, but lots of us cut corners. Don’t! Unless you want your guests or even your SO to think you can’t make a tasty cocktail. In this game, never skimp on quality and freshness.

When making drinks at home, remember the special ones and try to duplicate them. The photo on the left is one of my all-time favorites, the Mai Tai at Orchids, The Halekulani – Waikiki, Hawaii. Cheers!

Here’s a taste:

Premium Liquor

ALWAYS USE PREMIUM SPRITS. It is impossible to stress the importance of using premium liquor when mixing drinks.


Make fresh ice or buy fresh ice. Don’t use ice that has been sitting in your freezer for the past month. Make sure that you use the correct type of ice. When you blend drinks, start with crushed ice as it blends better. For shaking or stirring a cocktail, use firm ice cubes, as they do not dilute a drink as quickly as crushed ice. For drinks that are on the rocks, you will want to use firm, small ice cubes that will dilute the drink enough to impart flavor. Tropical drinks require crushed ice.

Fresh Juice

Use fresh squeezed juice. If you don’t have time to squeeze the juice yourself, use premium quality fresh juice (such as orange juice) and use good mixers (such as Rose’s Lime Juice)

10 steps to making great cocktails

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