‘Who’s Buying’ iPhone App Helps Settle the Tab

Who's BuyingJet Set Games wants to help you decide who’s picking up the bar tab. Its new app, “Who’s Buying,” is a multiplayer game that tests reflexes and sobriety to determine who will be paying for the night’s booze.

What challenges lie ahead?

The Wheel

Reflexes floundering after a few too many? Sit back and let The Wheel decide your fate. Place your marks and watch as the monkey and his martini shaker decide Who’s Buying…and who still has his clams.


Up to four players can jump in this Polynesian-themed game of ping-pong. The first to let a flaming ball in their goal will find their totem in the wood chipper and their wallet empty.

Bounce Back:

Take control of a tiki and blow your coconut into your opponent’s goal in this Hawaiian-style air hockey game. Who’s Buying? Well, that would be the first person to swallow.

I’m not sure I need this app, since my rule of thumb is you’re paying.

Who’s Buying (via Liquor Snob)

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