Mark West Pinot Noir 2008 Review – Wine Wednesday

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Enjoy our new feature, Wine Wednesday! Each week, on Wine Wednesday, the Drink of the Week team will feature a wine for $10 or under.

2008 Mark West Pinot Noir, California ($8.99 at Safeway)

As an avowed pinotphile, it’s only natural that I would debut a Pinot Noir for our inaugural Wednesday Wine of the Week. However, it’s difficult to find a good Pinot under $25 per bottle and almost impossible to find one for $10 and under. However, Mark West has fulfilled its “manifesto” of providing great Pinot Noir that doesn’t have to “cost an arm and a leg”.

Mark West sources its Pinot Noir grapes from Dijon clones from across coastal vineyards in California. The 2008 Mark West Pinot Noir is a light bodied, medium hued Pinot Noir that is low in tannin with bright acidity and expressive red fruit of cherry, cranberry, pomegranate and an earthy undertone. A steal at $8.99 (the Safeway sale price) and pairs nicely with salmon and pork.

Mark West Wines.

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