Wild Turkey American Honey Liqueur Review

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A relatively recent offering from Wild Turkey, it’s the sweeter, honied side of turkey. Actually, Wild Turkey American Honey is a blend of Wild Turkey and honey liqueur with the honey liqueur being added just before bottling. It tames the Wild Turkey but not completely. I wish that I had more to tell you about the history of the American Honey but I have searched high and low and there is nothing much out there other than it was created to be a dessert drink.

Visually, the American Honey is clear with a pale golden hue. On the nose, the American Honey has a medium plus intensity of honey, dried orange peel, figs, caramel and vanilla. On the palate, the American Honey is viscous and easily coats the mouth and has flavors of honey, honeycomb, oranges, dried orange peel, vanilla and a hint of caramel. Long finish while fueling a fire in the belly.
Simply delicious!

Try the American Honey on ice or add it to your favorite tea or lemonade. Also try an American affogato by pouring the American Honey over vanilla ice cream!

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